Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Himalaya Herbals Baby Care Gift Pack

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all doing good! I know I haven't updated  for long time, motherhood keeps me busy. Hope I could have more time & energy.
So, today would like to introduce you all to this excellent baby care gift pack from Himalaya.
At times when I was on tight budget or ran out of ideas for gifts for friends & relatives, I bought stuff from Himalaya Gift Series.
The Himalaya website shows 8 type of  baby care gift sets, though I haven't seen all of them at once at any super-market but I guess the Himalaya store would have all of them.

We have used the products from Himalaya Gift Pack & this post is about our experience using them.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Care Gift Pack

Price: Rs. 375 INR

The contents of the pack are :
    gentle baby shampoo (100 ml)
    baby massage oil (100 ml)
    diaper rash cream (20 g)
    gentle baby soap (75 g)
    baby lotion (100 ml)
    baby powder (100 g)
    gentle baby wipes (12's)


Gentle Baby Shampoo:

This is a very mild & non scented shampoo, so you wouldn't find the baby crying when you use this. It produces nice lather & gets washed off easily. You would just need a few drops to get a nice lather to wash the baby hair. Excellent product that doesn't irritate the baby skin.

Baby massage oil:
Though I don't use the massage oil regularly( I use cold pressed Almond  Oil), I can still vouch for it.  The Himalaya massage oil is mild & non-sticky, can be used regularly to massage the baby. It has natural ingredients like Olive Oil & Winter Cherry which make it a perfect massage oil for babies pre or post bath, reduces the dryness & keeps the skin well moisturised. I have used it on myself too & found it to be effective.

 diaper rash cream:

The diaper rash cream is effective in soothing mild irritation caused by diapers. However since our kid's skin is very sensitive to heavily scented products & the rash cream is fragnanced  we stopped using it.

gentle baby soap: 

I find the Himalaya Baby Soap to be one of the best products of the whole baby care series. The soap is very gentle & cleanses the baby skin well leaving it moisturised & hydrated well. It lathers wells & cleanses off easily. We have finished one from the pack & keep buying it again & again. It has a mild fragrance which the baby skin loves.

baby lotion:

As per Himalaya, if applied after bath, this lotion locks in the moisture keeps the skin soft & supple. However we haven't used it on the kid's skin, since the kid's skin is sensitive to products which over-powering smell & this lotion is a highly scented product. So I wouldn't be able to say how effective this is.

baby powder:

We don't use this regularly,since it is not recommended to use baby powder on the baby skin because there is a possibility of the baby inhaling the powder. So we use this once in a while & the presence of khus-khus has a cooling effect, it doesn't irritate the baby skin & leaves a fresh feeling.

gentle baby wipes:

This is also one of the most often used product from the gift pack. This has a mild fragrance & gently wipes the baby skin without drying it at all. I'm glad it has only 12 wipes in this gift pack, since with regular use the flip sheet that covers the baby wipes looses the glue & the wipes start getting dry. Yet, this a handy product to carry in a mother's bag. 

This pack is a nice option for gifting or personal use & I highly recommend this!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Big news!

Hello Friends!

Sorry for not posting for a long time! I know there are lots of women who are going through the same journey, desperate to see the pink or purple lines on Pregnancy kit & who like me,search the internet to read success stories.

Well, I have news for those women, I'm a Mother now & will share my story so that all the women out their trying to conceive will not give up.
For now I'll leave with a picture some of the baby stuff I bought. Will do a detailed post soon!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Am I pregnant? One more day wait!

Hey Friends,

So, I wen to the hospital on 17th September & the doctor did the scan & said the egg size was growing & now it was at a size of 13mm, she asked me take another Injection GMH150IU & come back on 20th September. So here are the updates.

17th Sep:  Was told the size has reached 13mm & another Injection GMH150IU was told to be taken the same day. The Doctor asked me to have intercourse every alternate day from now on. Was told to come back on 18thSep.

18th Sep: After the doctor said the size was pretty good, it reached 15mm. I heaved a sigh of relief, was happy that my body was responding to the treatment. Was told to come back on 20th Sep for another scan.

20th Sep: In the meantime I was down with fever,still went to hospital to get the scan. The doctor said the size had reached to 18mm & it was time to trigger the release, she asked me to take the HCG 5000 IM trigger shot to make the egg release. When I told her about the fever she advised me to only have Calpol. Was told to come on 22nd Sep.

22nd Sep: The scan showed everything was fine!

24th Sep: The doctor scanned & said the egg was released & I should continue to have intercourse to make sure the sperm meets the egg at the right time. She asked to use Gestofit 200mg(Progesterone Capsules) vaginally. Was asked to do an HPT on 6th OCT & come back.

Those days when I was ovulating & had fever too, I didn't have the energy to have intercourse but still decided to go ahead because I didn't want to lose out on the chance & wait for another month. The 2week wait period seemed too long for me, I had so many thoughts running in mind. There were times when I had lower back ache(like the one that I get during periods) & feel disappointed that my period was approaching & the fertilization didn't happen. I used to cry in front of my husband because I didn't notice any pregnancy symptoms, I wasn't sure if I was expecting the symptoms too early! Each day was difficult, everyday I used search the internet for pregnancy related questions & was dejected because I couldn't notice any signs.

Finally on 3rd October, I decided I was gonna do HPT the next morning on OCT 4th when my periods were due. I did the test early in the periods & it was negative! I was worried & couldn't hold my tears, I started questioning myself the reason for God rejecting my request to become a mother. I thought where did I go wrong, was punishing me for some reason? After so much thinking, told husband that I wanted to get the Serum for Beta HCG test done(it is a blood test for checking if you are pregnant). We went to diagnostic centre & paid Rs.750 INR for it & got it done & was waiting to get the report by evening. Me being a very uneasy & restless person checked the online report & found that the HCG level was 27.68, which is level that a pregnant woman can have. I was so elated & showed it to husband, but still I knew it wasn't a confirmation that I was indeed pregnant. The reason being I read over the Internet , the HCG trigger shot that I took could remain in my system for 2 weeks & give a false result.

But I still haven't lost any hope, I'm going tomorrow to the hospital, will be doing an HPT again tomorrow morning & hope it comes out positive. Will update tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Injectibles response


So when I went in for the follicular study on 13th September, the doctor said I need to take the same injection GMH 150 Iu again, one on the same day which is 13th September & another on the 14th.
When I asked her the reason, she said the size of the follicle wasn't growing & I need more stimulation.

As I sat there waiting for the nurse to come & inject me, I had so many thoughts running in mind, what am I gonna do if these 2 injections don't work, what could be the next course of action, what if these procedure don't work. Everytime the doctor says the size isn't growing I feel so disheartened & think why on earth do I have to go through these things. I have always been so fond of kids & when my turn came, every month I used to be so excited to see the purple lines on the HPT kit.

I always think why can't God make it easier for me, why does he make me spend anxious moments & lot of money to get pregnant. Whenever I saw poor people with so many kids, I used to think God doesn't make them spend so much money to get pregnant.

So while I sat there, I spoke to two ladies, one who has been trying to conceive since 3 years & one since 5 years, when I heard about their long wait to get pregnant, I thought in just one year I'm so impatient to get pregnant, couldn't imagine how patiently these ladies have been trying.

So anyways I took the injection GMH 150 iu( the price of the injection is Rs.1450 INR) for two days & went for Follicular study on Saturday 15th September.

15th September: After the scan the doctor asked me to wait & in the meantime I saw her going to my Gyanec's cabin & coming out & then after sometime the doctor who scans me usually called me in her cabin & said I need to take the same injection, I became restless & asked her the reason for taking another & she said the follicle size increased but it hasn't reached the expected size so I need to take another one to stimulate it. I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard it did increase, instead of the words" No response" which I have been hearing for sometime. So I took another injection today & today's scan has boosted my confidence & I'm trying to have positive thoughts & have huge hopes that the scan on Monday 17th September is going to show positive response. So this is what has been happening, will update after Monday.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Updates so far & the wait

The last time I visited the doctor, this was suggested:
11th August 2012: Went in the morning & after the scan Dr.Hema asked me to meet Dr.Shashi.
                             Dr.Shashi said, since I have PCOS, the follicles haven't grown, The follicle size
                             should be 18-20mm but mine was only 8mm. She prescribed these for my 
                             next cycle.
                            (i) Metformin-500mg Twice a day with meals.
                            (ii) Folvite- 5mg daily once.
                            (iii) T-Duphaston 10mg starting from today,one tablet daily for 10 days.
                            (iv) Once I get my periods, from Day 2 to Day 6 ,T-Clome 50mg for 5
                                  days(Morning & Night).
                            (v) Injection GMH 150 Iu to be taken on Day 5th.
                            (vi) T-Tamox 10mg from Day 7 to Day 9th.
                            (vii) Day 8th should go for follicular study, if Day 8th turns out to be Sunday
                                   have to come on Day 9th.

Even after completing duphaston( ended  20th August)& waiting for a week I still didn't get my periods.

27th August 2012: I went to the hospital & told them about it, they asked me if I did a HPT(Home Pregnancy test) & when I said no, the receptionist said I could get a scan done to see if I'm pregnant( sounded weird to me! )
Anyways I agreed & paid Rs.280 Approx. & got the scan. The doctor who did the scan said that, I need to do a HPT & come back on 1st September even if I get or don't get periods.

Ist September 2012: Went & met Dr.Shashikala, who advised the same procedure as above for this cycle but this time Duphaston  should be taken for only 3 days.& looking at the scan done on 27th August she said the endometrium lining is Ok & I should be able to have periods in a few days.

4th September 2012: Had my periods.

8th September 2012(Day 5th ):  Took the injection GMH 150 Iu

11th September 2012( Day 8th) Went for follicular study, paid Rs.1760 for it. The Doctor who does the scan Dr.Hema Desai said the size of the follicle is still small & asked me to have Ecospirin 75mg one tablet daily for 10days along with Tamox( which is to be taken from day 7th to Day 9th). The next visit for follicular study would be 13th September.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Visit to the Fernandez Hospital


So the title says it all! I decided to go to the Fernandez Hospital to take the treatment further ahead. The reason I chose this hospital is because this is the same hospital where most of the family members including my mom, my aunts & my cousins were born & this is the same hospital in Hyderabad that is know to encourage normal deliveries.

I booked an appointment for 10th July 2012, wanted to get an appointment with the Senior Doctor Dr. Shashikala, since she was out-of -station, her junior Dr.Sirisha was handling her cases.

My appointment was for afternoon! Once I reached there, the receptionist gave form to fill all the details & took a fee of approximately Rs.500 INR( Consultation fee(Rs.300)+ Registration fee(Rs.200).
They took a photo with the webcam & issued me an ID card.

Then I was sent to a cabin where the lady noted down my weight & B.P & started asking me all the details like how long have I been married & trying to conceive & other things like family health history etc. After that I was made to wait for some more time & then finally met Dr.Sirisha.


10th July 2012: 1. She prescribed Primolut-N 5mg twice daily for 5 days & Folvite(Folic Acid) 5mg
                             for 30 days.
                        2.  She asked me to get these tests done (1) Prolactin (2) OGTT(Oral Glucose
                             Tolerance test),(3) Insulin.
                             Test Results: Prolactin-Normal
                                           Insulin little high
                                           OGTT very high levels.

14th July 2012: Dr.Sirisha said since I have high insulin levels & OGTT, I should exercise, have a
                        balance diet & have tablet Metformin 500mg for 1-2 weeks until I get used to the
                       She asked me to get another test HbA1c done & see the inhouse Endocrinologist
                       Dr.Raman to take an opinion from him too.

18th July 2012: Getting an appointment is sometimes very difficult, somehow managed to get it for
                         18th July evening. Dr.Raman asked me to exercise, have a balance diet & said I
                          could still keep trying to conceive.

21st July 2012: I was told by an intern Dr. Amrutha
                        (i) To have Clome- 50mg twice a day from Day3 to Day 7( Day1 is when the
                             periods start) to induce ovulation.
                        (ii) Day 10th, I should go to the hospital for Follicular Study.

23rd July 2012: Periods started.

25th July 2012: Started Clome-50mg.

1st August 2012: Day 10th. Went for Follicular study. Dr.Hema did the scan & prescribed
                          (i) Tamoxifen Citerate- 20mg, twice daily for 3 days.
                          (ii) Ecospirin-75mg once daily after food.
                          Was asked to come again on 4th August 2012

4th August 2012: Suggested Tamoxifen Citerate- 20mg until 7th August 2012 & asked me come back on 7th August. She said I would need more stimulation, so had to continue the same medicines.

7th August 2012: Doctor scanned & said the follicles are still small & asked to come back on 11th  August 2012. Was advised to discontinue using Tamoxifen. When askedabout the reason for the slow progress, she said since I have PCOS the size isn't growing.She said sometimes if given time they may grow.

11th August 2012: Went in the morning & after the scan Dr.Hema asked me to meet Dr.Shashi.
                             Dr.Shashi said, since I have PCOS, the follicles haven't grown, The follicle size
                             should be 18-20mm but mine was only 8mm. She prescribed these for my
                             next cycle.
                            (i) Metformin-500mg Twice a day with meals.
                            (ii) Folvite- 5mg daily once.
                            (iii) T-Duphaston 10mg starting from today,one tablet daily for 10 days.
                            (iv) Once I get my periods, from Day 2 to Day 6 ,T-Clome 50mg for 5
                                  days(Morning & Night).
                            (v) Injection GMH 150 Iu to be taken on Day 5th.
                            (vi) T-Tamox 10mg from Day 7 to Day 9th.
                            (vii) Day 8th should go for follicular study, if Day 8th turns out to be Sunday
                                   have to come on Day 9th.

So this is it, will keep updating about the treatment & the progress.

My Journey Towards Conceiving


So this is my first post on the blog. The main reason behind me starting this blog was, I needed a place where I could talk about all those things that I'm experiencing during this journey, my emotions & my struggles & basically a place to pour my heart out & thought this blog would help somebody else like me who is going through the same phase.

OK, before I tell you all about what's happening in my life let me tell all in brief about me.

I'm  Rubee, a 28 years old well educated  housewife with a great husband, living in a joint family & trying to conceive since a year.

The journey towards getting pregnant started since December 2011, though I started noticing that I had irregular periods since the time I reached puberty, & regular visits to the gynecologist resulted in only temporary solution. I mean once I stopped the medicines within few months the same thing(irregular periods) would be repeated. Life went on, & then I got married an year back & tried to conceive naturally.Every month I would get disappointed looking at the HPT kit, was desperate to see two purple line but I could only see a single one. So after 6 months from the time I got married, I decided to see a Gynecologist, took few people's suggestions & visited a local doctor. Below is the course of treatment I took after visiting her.

  December 3rd 2011: 1. T.Modus 10 mg for 5 days to get my periods.
                  Tests: Doctor wanted me to get T3,T4, S.Tsh(Thyroid tests) & USG Pelvic & abdomen
                  Results: T3,T4, S.Tsh were normal, however we found I had PCOS. I didn't get my
                  periods after having T.Modus, so was advised T.Novelon for 21 days.

 January 2011: Got my periods on 19th January & when I visited the Doctor I was advised
                                        1. T.Modus(10mg) twice daily for 10 days
                                        2. Once I get my periods( I got them on 16th Febuary) I was told on
                                            Day3(Day 1 is the day periods start) to Day 7 I should have Fertyl
                                            50mg once a day.
                                        3. Day 10th to Day 15 were the days to have intercourse.
                                        4. From Day 16th T.Duphaston twice a day for 10 days & Folic acid                
                                            tablets one everyday
                                            While I was eagerly waiting to do the UPT(Urine Pregnancy Test) at
                                             home, got my periods on 16th March 2011.

March: When I went to the Doctor in March, I was told not to have anything for this month & she
             wanted to wait & see.

April: Didn't get periods!
          Was told to have T.Modus(10mg) twice for 5 days & Himalaya EveCare syrup. Still didn't
           get periods until  April 30th.
  May: Was again advised to have T.Novelon once daily for 21 days.
          She wanted to me to get S.Fsh( Follicle Stimulating Hormone) & S.Lh(Luteinizing Hormone)
          asked to come back in 10 days.
          After 10 days, when I went with the reports which had normal results, she asked me get
          Husband's Semen Analysis done. The reports came out all normal. In the meantime periods
          started on 29th May 2012 & again had spotting on 7th June 2012.

For some reason I felt I was not on the right track for the treatment, after a few talks with friends who had already conceived & my aunt, they made me realize that the Doctor never asked me to get a follicular study done through these 6months. After a lot of thinking I finally decided I had to go to a corporate hospital for the treatment since it would be done in more organised way.